Backpacking List

As I was asked so often which items are a must have in my backpacking list, I will provide now a list for:


Money Money Money:

as a credit card is very important while travelling, there are a few things which a essential when you decide for a credit card:

1. no fees, no charge, no cost per month

2. no charge for cash or ATM – get your cash money without any cost – worldwide on every cash machine

3. complete access via internet, complete cost control and bills via internet.

Give it a try: 

DKB Cash Kontoeröffnung




Backpacks and bags:

Before I started to use my F-Stop camera backback, I travelled always with my The North Face Terra 65 – Trekkingrucksack. This backback is unbreakable, easy to open from top, bottom and side. Water resistant during rain and very large if you need it, but small if you want it.


The TravelSafe GII von Pacsafe – tragbarer, mobiler Safe in verschiedenen Größen is very helpful if you travel alone and you haven’t somebody to watch – or if you sleep etc.


I have the old version of the Pacsafe Stashsafe Hüfttasche Schwarz, but this one is very needed if you have an electronic ID, because it prevents it from stealing wireless information. I have it for years, but this is still perfect.


For smaller cameras or a SLR with only 2 lenses, the Pacsafe 15130100 Camsafe V4 Kameratasche in schwarz is my recommendation




The THE NORTH FACE Herren Jacke Venture is my rain jacket. It is so small, that you can push it together into it’s own pocket. But it keeps you dry if needed.


Don’t forget a softshell. Nowhere and never. You’ll need it in summertime and wintertime. Very good quality at low price is the Black Canyon Herren 3-Lagen Softshell Jacke


The SALEWA Herren Hemd Isortoq Dry M Short Sleeve Shirt is a really amazing, fast drying, anti-mosquito shirt with a funky color. Highly recommended!


The FALKE Herren Trekking Socken TK2 are really good socks – fast drying, no problems with long walking distances, very breathable and warm if needed.


The Hanwag Alaska GTX Herren Trekking & Wanderstiefel is absolute high-end, state of the art trekking boot for hard terrain, summer and winter times. It fits perfect and it is breathable and unbreakable – but as you can imagine, good quality is heavy.


So if you have a less hard trekking tour planned, I recommend the lighter but still high-end Hanwag Bacal Mid Reiseschuhe


As I travel often to countrys where I don’t want to have bites from mosquitos, I prefer always the Fjällräven Herren Hose Karl or some other Fjällräven Trousers like the Keb Gaiter.



Expensive for a knife, fork and spoon, but worth to buy it once in a lifetime: Edelrid Kochgerät Titan-Besteck Triple, 734300000000


I have tried a lot of knives, but I always come back to the high quality but low priced Victorinox Offiziersmesser Huntsman rot 1.3713. I even prefere it to Leatherman


I have only bought the Campingaz Laterne Lumostar Plus Piezozündung and the Campingaz 204190 Kocher Twister Plus 270 PZ + Carry Box because the both use the same gas can, which lasts over weeks. At home I use the light at the balcony. They both survived a lot of hard handling, but did not get any damage. This is the right gas can Campingaz 202742 Ventil-Gaskartusche CV 470 Plus blau


Propably you’ll say the Care Plus Moskitonetz Net Combi Box LLI is expensive. And propably you will be right. For myself I can say, I tried the cheap noname mosquito nets, but after so many holes, you’ll come back to the Care Plus. It is impregnated and it will travel with you all your life.


After having forgotten a clothline once, you will not forget it again. This one is not expensive but it works perfect. Go for the Sea to Summit Clothesline 3.5 Meter W?scheleine


For keeping things dry, keeping clothes compact and keeping everything on the right place in the backpack, take the Tatonka Stausack


This one is a very nice to have accessoire. You’ll love it, but think about the price. It is definetly NOT cheap: Relags Gewürzstreuer Swiss Spice


I only use two bottles, depending where I go or how I travel. For winter times, it is the Isosteel VA-9556 Vakuum-Isolierflasche 0.75 L aus 18/8 Edelstahl mit Schraubverschluss und Trinkbecher and for summer times it is the Sigg Trinkflasche Traveller


Don’t forget things like a pen (e.g. Lamy M288 Kugelschreiber schwarz pico) and some paper to write on.


I always have the Tropicare Care Plus First Aid Kit Family – Verbandskasten with me, but never needed it. If the time comes, you need it, you will be happy to have it with you.


I did not find any country, where I couldn’t use my Skross ZUB-SKR-WAD-ProplusUSB.W Weltreiseadapter (2500 W) Pro+ USB weiß
even USB charging is possible.


Long battery life, light weight and water resistance you’ll get with the flashlight Fenix LD10 R5 Premium Q5 XR-E LED Taschenlampe (3 Watt) schwarz


For the coffee lovers, try the GSI Kaffeefilter, faltbar


I recently changed my wallet to the Mammut Erwachsene Geldbeutel Zip Wallet, Smoke, 12.5 x 10 x 2 cm, 0.2 Liter, 2520-00183 but to be honest, I have no experience with this at the moment. Just can say, it makes a good impression.


My favourite anti-mosquito spray: Care Plus Campingartikel Anti Insect Deet 40% Spray 200ml, TP32428

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