Safety, Risks and more…

Depending where you go for holiday, you should be aware, that different places around the world, need different aspects of security to be taken in consideration. In other words, you should think in advance, where are you going to travel and which need to be prepared. For example, you can go to Indonesia, booking expensive hotels with a very high standard, eating there all nights, having an AC and windows in your room as well as an integrated bath room or you can travel to some non-touristic spots, where you probably will not find a hotel, which means, you’re going to stay in a guest house, the likelihood for an AC in the room as well as windows made of glass is pretty low, there will not be a restaurant with western standard – this means you need to adapt – the better you are prepared before, the less you’ll concern later.


In this page I will show you some items and ideas to pepare yourself as best as possible. Let’s have a start with some basics:



The mosquito net:

Do not underestimate a mosquito net!!! Most countries I’ve been for would be a hell of a night without a mosquito net. So first decide, if you travel alone, if you sleep alone and if you plan to sleep in a normal king size bed or more less in a rounded bed. For more than 90% of people, I would recommend a mosquito net with the shape of a rectangle for 2 persons. You can use it for round beds as well, but you have more possibilities for fixing it – in most cases around 6 spots to fix.

My recommendation is the CarePlus Moskitonetz, imprägniert as you have also the advantage of an impregnated net which lasts for years.

It will come with a bag which ist not very heavy at all:

2015-07-03 19.47.10

Well, the sticking point is, how to fix such a net – wherever it need to be fixed… So nobody knows how the hotel room will look like and where you are able to fix the net – so again, you’ll need to be prepared.

Here is my set of tools I bring with me for fixing the net:

2015-07-03 19.46.53

2015-07-03 19.47.06

2015-07-03 19.47.00


With this toolkit you’ll probably find everywhere a chance to fix the net. Be creative!



Room Safety:

Although we never had a bad experience, I strongly recommend to be on the safe side and you something to prevent your room door to be opened without your advise. There are different devices on the market and I have tried different ones, but still think, a pretty simply door locker with alarm like the Alarm-Türstopper is an easy way to lock to door and give alarm feedback – when you sleep or even when you aren’t in your room.



Money and Cash:

as a credit card is very important while travelling, there are a few things which a essential when you decide for a credit card:

1. no fees, no charge, no cost per month

2. no charge for cash or ATM – get your cash money without any cost – worldwide on every cash machine

3. complete access via internet, complete cost control and bills via internet.

Give it a try: 

DKB Cash Kontoeröffnung




I know there are a lot of different mindsets about vaccines – I know that a lot of people are against it, even if most of the arguments theses people have are frankly spoken nonsens. But looking back to my previous travel activities, I’ve to say, that I have nearly all available immunisation and never had any disease, no problem, just nothing. All in all, for myself, it works.

What could make sense for you to take with is Malerone as you travel into a maleria risk area, but I never tried to take it in advance as standby. I never tried it anyway…

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