Laos – Vientiane – not another Asia Trip

Laos Vietnam 5D 7434 Final

After 22 hours of flying thousands of miles and a stop in Bangkok, we arrived finally early in the morning in lovely Vientiane, the capital of Laos. We checked a guesthouse with tripadvisor; to feel a bit like in Germany, we decided for the Bayern Guesthouse.

Laos Vietnam 5D 7433 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7440 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7441 Final

As we didn’t have so much time in Laos, there was no time for a rest and we had to find a TukTuk to see the „must-have-seen“-sights in Vientiane before to had a chance to come together with some local people. At the end, this was a horror trip, 19 people in a MiniVan for 7,5 hours, partly without AC, bumpy road and absolutely no space to move anywhere…

Laos Vietnam 5D 7443 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7444 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7431 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7425 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7421 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7418 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7417 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7415 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7408 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7407 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7401 Final

The most impressive thing to see in Vientiane (close, but 30 min outside of Vientiane) is the Buddha Park. This one is quite famous and if you only have time for few things, go there…

Laos Vietnam 5D 7400 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7386 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 7369 Final

Finally after Vientiane, we took a MiniVan with 19 other people in it and drove up to Luang Prabang, the former capital of Laos.

Laos Vietnam 5D 7400 Final

Dublin Ireland Trip

Dublin 9084 Final

Another weekend trip was in early May to Dublin in Ireland. The idea for that trip was already quite old, but we needed some time to get a perfect flight from a time perspective.

Dublin 9083 Final

Dublin 9080 Final

Arrived Friday night we straight went into pub area for some food and drinks. The beautiful thing in Dublin is, that you never walk more than 5 min to find a suitable pub.

Dublin 9072 Final

Dublin 9089 Final

Dublin 9092 Final

Also nice old in Dublin are the old buildings like the Dublin castle, various churches and the old town with its pubs in general.

Dublin 9085 Final

Dublin 9069 Final

Dublin 9067 Final

Dublin 9066 Final

Dublin 9065 Final

Dublin 9063 Final

Dublin 9059 Final

Dublin 9048 Final

Dublin 9046 Final

Dublin 9049 Final

Dublin 9055 Final

Dublin 9056 Final

Dublin 9029 Final

Dublin 9025 Final

Dublin 9018 Final

Dublin 9010 Final

Dublin 9005 Final

Dublin 9003 Final

Dublin 8997 Final

Dublin 9000 Final

Maybe for people from Dublin or UK as well, it is nothing special, but from a German perspective, it’s obvious that Dublin people have nice colorful doors and entrance areas in general.

Dublin 8984 Final

Dublin 8981 Final

Dublin 8972 Final

Dublin 8974 Final

Dublin 8989 Final

Dublin 8991 Final

Lissabon and Portugal weekend trip

Lissabon 6896Final 5D Mk3

Early March we spent a weekend in beautiful Lisboa. As weather was still not nice in Germany, we had a windy but very sunny sky in Lisboa. It was already around 20° C and clear sky.

Lissabon 6673Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6702Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6721Final 5D Mk3

As this weekend trip was a present for a good friend of us, we spent the weekend together – all three of us.

Lissabon 6726Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6733Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6739Final 5D Mk3

Again a very good experience with Airbnb and Uber. Hopefully Germany is able to catch up here as well.

Lissabon 6743Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6750Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6755Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6773Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6781Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6803Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6823Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6833Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6835Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6841Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6852Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6871Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6874Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6876Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6879Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6883Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6886Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6891Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6895Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6917Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6918Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6936Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6961Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6962Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6949Final 5D Mk3

Last day before heading back to Lisboa airport, we spent at the beach in the south west of the city. Still windy but sunny.

Lissabon 6985Final 5D Mk3

Lissabon 6991Final 5D Mk3