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I’m a 38 old guy living in the south of Germany. As travelling was always my passion, I’ve visited now more than 40 countries around the world, but I also started quite early with travelling.

I am not a backpacker, not a camper and not a hotel-junkie as I always decide for each journey, what is the most appropriate way to experience this country. Therefore I went a few times to hotels, more often I took a RV and still the most loved way to get around is backpacking in my point of view.

Another important part of my travel activities is job-related – as I work in an international company, travelling is not a choice. Lucky job…

So the most of my vacation days, I try to spend for travelling to some foreign countries.

I am a fan of Asia, this is not a secret. I appreciate the warm welcome, the nice people and the easy way of live. But this does not mean, that I only visit Asia 😉

Whenever if possible, I stay with the locals, at a guest house or within a local family to understand their way of live – the best way to get to know new friends – as I always try to escape these tourist destinations.

One thing I always take with me is the camera. Always heavy weight, always bulky; but nevertheless, when I am back @home, few weeks later, it is always a pleasure to lay back and enjoy the pictures I took at some really incredible places of the world. To be honest; I never regretted to take the camera with me, nowhere, never.

So when we talk about regretting something and so one – what is worth to regret? To speak for myself, I would regret afterwards, if I would not have walked the extra mile, if I would have decided for the easy way, if I wouldn’t have given everything to achieve the goal.

And if I would not have taken the chance to try something new, let myself fall down and enjoy.

So it’s up to you what’s worth to live for. If you live for sports, do sports and enjoy it. If you live for your job, give 110 % and enjoy it. If you live for experience, start to explore the world.

Start enjoying what you do, or start doing what you enjoy.

Do not wait for things or people changing your live. Search for your luck and your happyness. Search for your destination. But don’t accept to live an unhappy live.






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