Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia Backpack Travel Part 1

LR 8066

To be honest; it has already been some days ago, but due to some technical issues, I never ever posted some Malaysia pictures… Therefore now it’s time to bring you up to speed and show you some insight views from a very very nice, beautiful and awesome country with a lot of nice people. We travelled through this country with backpack and motorbike – the best way to travel in general in Asia – from south to north and from north to south to get the full experience…

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So first night in Kuala Lumpur, first chance to get some local food, always a pleasure to have some street food with some locals🙂
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Another day, another beautiful sunrise, we tried to get some impressions from Malaysia capital, before we took our motorbike into the wild side of Malaysia

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LR 8082

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LR 8098

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Next stop was a bird park – the most famous one in Kuala Lumpur:

LR 8139

LR 8138

LR 8149

LR 8166

LR 8175

LR 8190

And eatin‘ again, again, again…

LR 8246

LR 8241

LR 8240

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LR 8266

LR 8270

the next morning we met these trustful guys to get a motorbike to start into north and east to real Malaysia, real nature…

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Wildspitze – Hiking in Austria / Vent near Sölden

IMG 9268Final 5D Mk2

Last weekend of July we travelled down to Austria / Vent near Sölden to climb up to the Wildspitze, which is the highest mountain of Tirol.

IMG 9167Final 5D Mk2

So we slowly started at Vent to hike to the Breslauer Hütte. Vent is located at a sea level around 1.850 m, so the way up to the Breslauer Hütte (2.890 m) was an easy climb up. 1.000 m without any snow isn’t a challenge…

IMG 9173Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9178Final 5D Mk2

AD1A4054Final 7D Mk2

IMG 9187Final 5D Mk2

AD1A4056Final 7D Mk2

IMG 9185Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9205Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9206Final 5D Mk2

So finally after 2:20 hrs we arrived at the Breslauer Hütte with a wonderful view…

IMG 9213Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9214Final 5D Mk2

AD1A4071Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4070Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4074Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4093Final 7D Mk2

Sunset in the mountains:

AD1A4096Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4097Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4100Final 7D Mk2

IMG 9216Final 5D Mk2

So sitting outside during sunset and having a beer, what else do you need?

IMG 9211Final 5D Mk2

After an evening meal we had a very short night, cause we had to get up at 4:30 in the morning to get an incredible early breakfast and started at 6:00 to climb up the next 1.000 m – the more advanced climb of the weekend…

IMG 9227Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9228Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9229Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9230Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9232Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9233Final 5D Mk2

So, a heavy backpack, consisting of cameras, lenses, crampons, ice axes, carabiner, rope, helmets, gloves, jackets, … at the end something about 22 kg – heavy for a 45° degree ice climb.

IMG 9237Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9240Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9241Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9242Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9251Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9282Final 5D Mk2

AD1A4126Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4121Final 7D Mk2

As you can probably see, after the ice climb we straight went into the via ferrata which means you don’t have any chance to get rid of you crampons – you need to keep them at your feets and climb up with the through the via ferrata up to the top, using you rope and your Y-rope where possible…

AD1A4123Final 7D Mk2

So thanks Ronny, who was our guide this weekend for leading us safely. He was really experienced and had a lot of patience with us🙂

IMG 9261Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9268Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9281Final 5D Mk2

AD1A4101Final 7D Mk2 2

AD1A4102Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4105Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4109Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4110Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4111Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4116Final 7D Mk2

As this part of the day was completely above 3.000 m (Wildspitze is at 3.770 m) everything you do, is really exhausting; people move like in a slow motion movie

AD1A4114Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4120Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4119Final 7D Mk2

Via ferrata way back down, which is even more difficult compared to way up. Trust me🙂

IMG 9283Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9285Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9287Final 5D Mk2

IMG 9288Final 5D Mk2

AD1A4128Final 7D Mk2

IMG 9295Final 5D Mk2

AD1A4105Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4108Final 7D Mk2

Finally we all came back down to „the earth“ in Vent, some more less hurt, but all in a good mood, ready for a relaxing evening in nice Sölden. Very nice weekend, thanks to the group and Ronny for this incredible weekend🙂

IMG 9270Final 5D Mk2

Back in Phnom Penh – Cambodia Part 8

IMG 7271Final 5D Mk2

The last few day, after leaving amazing Koh Rong, we took again the night bus, or called rolling hotel, sleeping bus, VIP bus or something similar which so far from reality, that you think, you took the wrong bus while entering – on the other hand, normally you’re really tired after the day and pretty happy to have at least some space to take a seat or even to lay down… so take a look at these small cabins🙂

IMG 7150Final 5D Mk2

Anyway, we made it back to Phnom Penh and had a good start into the next day with a typical Asian breakfast, consisting of rice, veggies and some hot stuff… you’ll find that everywhere on the street

IMG 7162Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7159Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7175Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7177Final 5D Mk2 2

IMG 7224Final 5D Mk2

A pretty well organized garage, really, one oft the better ones…

IMG 7221Final 5D Mk2

Now you gonna see some of that nice party of Phnom Penh; I’m talking bout the tourist side of the city…

IMG 7252Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7262Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7263Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7268Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7271Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7276Final 5D Mk2

AD1A3725Final 7D Mk2

IMG 7280Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7281Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7283Final 5D Mk2

Seems to be a lot of work…

AD1A3734Final 7D Mk2

AD1A3746Final 7D Mk2

IMG 7284Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7286Final 5D Mk2

This is the reason why I carry the heavy 15mm lens with me🙂

IMG 7294Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7288Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7299Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7300Final 5D Mk2

One of the reasons why I love Asia:

IMG 7340Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7333Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7331Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7392Final 5D Mk2

In some country, you would called that racism…

IMG 7360Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7380Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7376Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7397Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7398Final 5D Mk2

You’ll probably know this picture from most oft the tourist guide books🙂

AD1A3752Final 7D Mk2

Local street gym

AD1A3761Final 7D Mk2