Chiemsee in Germany

IMG 8952

On our way to Dubrovnik in Croatia we made our first stop close to Austrian border at the lake Chiemsee in Germany. We had a place very close to the Chiemsee with beautiful lake view. We were very lucky with the weather – rain in the night and sun all day long. Enjoy the pics before we went straight to south – our next stop is Istrien in Croatia.

IMG 8950

IMG 8960

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Elba Island in Italy

Italien 2020   UB 0513

A few day later after being in La Spezia, we drove down to Piombino to get the ferry to Elba. As the ferry runs quite often, we were lucky to get an earlier one. Elba is an island, small enough to be able to drive all around and see all the beaches – but also big enough to have many beautiful beaches and villages. We spent there many days, so enjoy the many different places we have been.


Lugano Lake and Morcote in Suisse

Italien 2020   UB 0066

As it was hard to travel with an airplane in these times, we moved on to another roadtrip through southern Europe. We began our trip in south Germany and had the first stop in Morcote at the Lugano Lake. That’s only a small distance to drive, but a completely different place. We stayed downtown in the old town, in the middle of old houses, restaurants and close at the sea side. Enjoy the pics.