Death Valley, Yosemite and more / USA

Now we drove approx 5.000 km through the western part oft the states, but we are still hungry for more adventure, more nature, more pics and more travel. So on short notice, we decided to drive further down the road, passing some more national parks. The first was Death Valley with its Area 51.

LR 6778

LR 6777

LR 6783

LR 6793

LR 6795

LR 6799

LR 6810

LR 6781

right from there, it was a really long way. And I mean a really really fuckin long way…

LR 6773

Some incidents during driving

LR 6825

Some flower close to the road 😉

LR 6824

An a stop at some big trees. Really big trees

LR 6858

LR 6850

LR 6858

LR 6845

Compare the tree diameter to the size of the bus

LR 6864

From there directly to Yosemite. It was already nearly dark and it was March. March means, most of the roads were closed, and for the few open roads, you need chains. Well, we had no chains and no time to drive another way. So we trusted the American big RV with its 11 tons and 500 PS. With success.

LR 6868

We had to drive through 10 foot high tunnels with a 13 foot high RV – so I had to lay down on the roof of the RV (watching for the sealing) while she drove very slowly through the tunnel, alway in the middle between both lanes. No one got hurt. Thanks god. We arrived at the Yosemite village and after having had a good dinner, we had to store all our food in a metal box. Because of bears. So I watched the whole night for bears with may camera, but nothing… I need to claim my money back…

LR 6875

So next day after NOT having seen any bears, we started a trail through the Yosemite

LR 6876

LR 6878

LR 6879

LR 6899

LR 6909

LR 6914

LR 6918

LR 6948

LR 6970

LR 6985

LR 6984

LR 6992

LR 6990

And finally bach in San Francisco

LR 7007

LR 7008

LR 7024

LR 7040

LR 7030

LR 7060

LR 7067

LR 7084

LR 7097

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