Italy also has some nice places – Gardasee

Here you can see a nice mountain called Zugspitze

IMG 2105Final

and here the same from another view

IMG 2111Final

this is the most famous view point on the top of the „Fernpass“. Millions of tourists, going to Austrian ski areas, will pass this viewpoint, most of them in a rush and no time for a break – or a photo

IMG 2118Final

That’s already in Austria. We took the wrong way and had the pleasure, to se a nice cathedral. From far.

IMG 2119Final

And from close as well.

IMG 2123Final

Than we passed the Alpes and went down towards the Lago di Garda

IMG 2131Final

IMG 2143Final

That’s also one of the tourist magnets, the Reschensee. Nice weather, nice view

IMG 2152Final

As you can see, there’s no choice, you’ve to go up the hill to have the awesome view

IMG 2181Final

IMG 2187Final

IMG 2188Final

IMG 2202Final

IMG 2213Final

Back in the valley, blue sky and temperature is getting high and high

IMG 2228Final

IMG 2257Final

Between these 2 pictures it’s around 500 meters climbing up…

IMG 2269Final

IMG 2278Final

IMG 2304Final

IMG 2326Final

After a trip like today, it no a mistake, to eat a bit

IMG 2329Final

We did not try to climb up here as well, I think the view from the bottom is ok

IMG 2338Final

It is alway interesting to have a look on the graveyards – they are so different from country to country, really amazing

IMG 2341Final

IMG 2351Final

IMG 2370Final

IMG 2371Final

IMG 2380Final

Last stop at this trip was Verona. It is worth to go there

IMG 2396Final

IMG 2415Final

IMG 2417Final

IMG 2420Final

IMG 2427Final

IMG 2436Final

IMG 2444Final

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