Alixan, South of Lyon in beautiful France

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Back in June 2014, we drove down to France, to Alixan, which is a small village south of Lyon. There live to friends of us, Petra and Eberhard.

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We drove down the way just to visit them for one weekend, but it was really worth to do. After a warm welcome and some bottles of wine later, the next morning we started to get around in the area. Eberhard took a lot of time to show us some interesting places while Petra was preparing an awesome dinner.

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After a day of seeing some interesting places near Alixan, we went back to Petras and Eberhards property, which is really amazing and hard to describe in words. A few pictures try to give you a first impression:

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Thank you both for the outstanding weekend, for sure, we’ll return in the next few weeks.

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