Riezlern Day 2 – Alpes – Wildental Austria / Germany

IMG 9543Final

Another sunny day in the Alpes, this time even a bigger group of people, we started again into a complete new area.

Our first target was to reach the Fiderepasshütte where the food is used to be really outstanding.

IMG 9560Final

IMG 9561Final

IMG 9593Final

After some time hiking up the mountain, we reached a level, where falling down could hurt a bit… but we were quite lucky, we’ve seen only a few tourists.

IMG 9594Final

IMG 9602Final

Really nice view from the top

IMG 9611Final

IMG 9619Final

A bit closer to the sky…

IMG 0272Final

IMG 0274Final

IMG 9647Final

And finally reached the top

IMG 0313Final

IMG 9653Final

IMG 0323Final

IMG 9669Final

IMG 9681Final

Weather was still great, only a few clouds and all the day was sunny and warm

IMG 9687Final

IMG 0349Final

IMG 0358Final

IMG 9700Final

IMG 9708Final

After some good food and some beer, we came out of the Fiderepasshütte and is started to get dark, so we had to hurry up to come back into the valley.

IMG 9720Final

IMG 0426Final

Close to the moon

IMG 0432Final

IMG 0435Final

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