Locarno – Suisse / Switzerland and Italy

IMG 5517Final

A summer trip to Locarno. We’ve been lucky, blue sky all the time and no rain after the first day.

IMG 5523Final

IMG 5530Final

IMG 5544Final

IMG 5553Final

IMG 5559Final

It’s sometimes a pain, to carry the lenses around…

IMG 5570Final

IMG 5578Final

IMG 5582Final

IMG 5589Final

We didn’t try the grapes, only the liquid ones…

IMG 5591Final 2

IMG 5612Final

IMG 5614Final

That’s the dam where James Bond jumped down in Goldeneye. As you can see on the later pics, there is still a Bungee Jumping device in use.

IMG 5621Final

IMG 5638Final

IMG 5651Final

Driving into the valley of Verzasca with the bike. It is a pain up the hill to the dam, but afterwards it is quite straight forward.

IMG 5652Final

IMG 5672Final

IMG 5682Final

IMG 5686Final

IMG 5689Final

And finally at the famous old bridge on the valley of Verzasca.

IMG 5700Final

IMG 5701Final

Back in Locarno, at the same week we’ve been here, there was the „Festival del Film Locarno“
Nice scenery

IMG 5722Final

IMG 5725Final

IMG 5728Final

IMG 5732Final

IMG 5749Final

IMG 6062

In Locarno, we came into a type of Irish pub with a nice garden outside.

IMG 5814Final

Here was a really nice band. Good beer, good music.

IMG 5816Final

IMG 5835Final

IMG 5832Final

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