Alpe d’Huez Skiing – Welcome in France

IMG 2994Final 7D

Visiting friends in France, having almost a full week of sun and snow around 0 degree, this is probably the best way to close a winter season.

IMG 3002Final 7D

Actually I won’t say it is closed for the season, but there are no further plans to go skiing again.

IMG 2996Final 7D

IMG 2784Final 7D

Alpe d’Huez I can really recommend, you’ve plenty of ways to get down the mountain without crowded tracks. Even ist has been quite warm around 0 degrees, no issue with the snow.

IMG 2789Final 7D

IMG 2765Final 7D

IMG 2603Final 7D

IMG 2557Final 7D

IMG 2563Final 7D

IMG 2511Final 7D

IMG 2507Final 7D

IMG 2516Final 7D

Cloudy valleys…

IMG 2498Final 7D

Thirsty skiiers…

IMG 2572Final 7D

IMG 2496Final 7D

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