Cardiff in Wales with its brewerys – Great Britain / UK

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Brains is one of the most famous beers in Cardiff. But Cardiff itself is a very good place to try different Ales.

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Here you can see Cardiffs most famous brewery, Brains from the top.

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It is actually quite central in the inner city. From the Maldron you have an amazing view around Cardiff.

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The chimneys are quite impressive during the sunrise.

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It seems we’ll have a good good day.

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Days gone. Back at night.

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Here’s the Kitty Flynn’s. That’s one of my favourites. Pretty cool Ale’s, nice people and incredible central.

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The Duke of Wellington is also a small but very nice pub. Don’t miss it on your way home!

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That’s one of the small passages through the brewery quater. Inside this, you’ll find some nice restaurants, pubs and shops. And an amazing curry restaurant. It is a superior and damn good.

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For those, who never tried Viva Brazil. You should. For those who often did it. You shouldn’t. It is quite a large portion of different types of meat, including chicken heart etc. It is good, but for me, not more often than once a year. Last year I did it twice a quarter and believe me, I felt like a stone in the stomach the next morning.

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Here we come back to the Welsh flag, including the Cardiff castle below, where the UN summit met last year. Stupid, when you were here during these days last year and remember the barriers as well as the policemen on every bridge, street, shop, everywhere…

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