Beijing – China Tour Part 1

IMG 9161Final 5D mk2

Mid of April, we started our China trip; there are several ways you can experience China. You can book a coach trip. You can book a fully guided tour through China. Or you take your backback and see how it ends up…

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IMG 9163Final 5D mk2

IMG 9159Final 5D mk2

IMG 4188Final 7D

IMG 4191Final 7D

Beijing area from sky

IMG 7289Final 5D mk2

IMG 7291Final 5D mk2

IMG 7332Final 5D mk2

IMG 7335Final 5D mk2

IMG 7339Final 5D mk2

IMG 7363Final 5D mk2

IMG 7349Final 5D mk2

IMG 7346Final 5D mk2

IMG 7386Final 5D mk2

IMG 7381Final 5D mk2

IMG 7378Final 5D mk2

IMG 7401Final 5D mk2

IMG 7396Final 5D mk2

IMG 7417Final 5D mk2

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IMG 7422Final 5D mk2

IMG 7424Final 5D mk2

IMG 7430Final 5D mk2

IMG 7513Final 5D mk2

IMG 7514Final 5D mk2

IMG 7518Final 5D mk2IMG 7530Final 5D mk2

IMG 7559Final 5D mk2

IMG 7560Final 5D mk2

IMG 7571Final 5D mk2

IMG 7572Final 5D mk2

IMG 7573Final 5D mk2

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IMG 3302Final 7D

IMG 3305Final 7D

IMG 3309Final 7D

IMG 3312Final 7D

IMG 3319Final 7D

IMG 3339Final 7D

IMG 3328Final 7D

IMG 3346Final 7D

IMG 3349Final 7D

IMG 3351Final 7D

IMG 3352Final 7D

IMG 3357Final 7D

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