Chengdu City – China Tour Part 12

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Chengdu is one of our favourite citys in China. It is very far away from the modern tourism citys, in the middle of China and also famous to be the gate to Tibet. Therefore it is very traditional with its tea houses, temples etc.

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IMG 8372Final 5D mk2

A pupils classroom

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IMG 8382Final 5D mk2

IMG 8384Final 5D mk2

A traditional teahouse in Chengdu

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IMG 8409Final 5D mk2

IMG 8414Final 5D mk2

IMG 8415Final 5D mk2

IMG 8418Final 5D mk2

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IMG 8393Final 5D mk2

IMG 8386Final 5D mk2

Street Food market

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IMG 8347Final 5D mk2

IMG 8429Final 5D mk2

IMG 8436Final 5D mk2

IMG 8435Final 5D mk2

Endless large train station in Chengdu, like in every city

IMG 8437Final 5D mk2

That’s the way Chinese people travel…

IMG 8442Final 5D mk2

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