Allgäu / Alps – Hiking to Rappensee Germany / Austria – Part 2

IMG 5059Final 7D

Second day of our trip through the Alps started really early without any breakfast at 4 am. It was dark, cold and frightening quiet when we started to go further up 500 m from the Enzianhütte to the Rappensee.

IMG 5057Final 7D

IMG 0357Final 5D mk2

We nearly ran all the way up cause we wanted to reach the top of the mountain before sunrise.

IMG 0355Final 5D mk2

IMG 0356Final 5D mk2

As you can see, the way up was dark and foggy – and wet as well but we managed it to reach the mountain top in total darkness and had an awesome sunrise over the clouds.

IMG 0350Final 5D mk2

IMG 0348Final 5D mk2

IMG 0342Final 5D mk2

IMG 0341Final 5D mk2

It was beginning of August, but it was damn cold – around 5 degrees above zero what kept us walking around…

IMG 0336Final 5D mk2

IMG 0334Final 5D mk2

IMG 0333Final 5D mk2

IMG 0331Final 5D mk2

IMG 0327Final 5D mk2

As the fog drifted away, we began to see the Rappenseehütte with its beautiful mountains in the background.

IMG 0324Final 5D mk2

IMG 0315Final 5D mk2

IMG 0318Final 5D mk2

IMG 0312Final 5D mk2

IMG 0309Final 5D mk2

IMG 0304Final 5D mk2

IMG 0297Final 5D mk2

IMG 0294Final 5D mk2

Also an amazing view over the Rappensee. We started last year already with a light weight tent and some other outdoor stuuff to camp over here – but at the end there was no way cause of the bad weather conditions.

IMG 0287Final 5D mk2

IMG 0285Final 5D mk2

IMG 0283Final 5D mk2

The plan for next year is again to sleep here for the Perseiden – let’s have a look like the weather will be…

IMG 0282Final 5D mk2

IMG 0276Final 5D mk2

IMG 0275Final 5D mk2

IMG 0274Final 5D mk2

IMG 0273Final 5D mk2

Also very nice and colorful flowers in the mountains – you’ll find also a lot of animals living over there.

IMG 0247Final 5D mk2

IMG 0243Final 5D mk2

Here you can see the path upwards

Rappensee 1

Rappensee 2

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