Sri Lanka – Day 1 – Arrival in Colombo and heading to south

IMG 0534Final 5D mk2

Sri Lanka – or former known as Ceylon – an island where I got a lot of responses like „I’ve heard it – but where is it?“ was our home for some days in August 2015. To be honest, as I have still a lot of places around the world I gonna visit, Sri Lanka was not priority no. 1 for this year. Pushed by a fluke, we finally decided for this trip only a couple of weeks ago and were also lucky, that a good friend of us joined as well.

IMG 0536Final 5D mk2

So, pretty good flight from FRA to CMB directly within about 10 hours, also lucky with a night flight, a couple of red wines and some Wodka Martini later, we arrived 4:50 am in Negombo Bandanareike International Airport. Like many Asian countries, when get off the airplane, even at 5 am, you walk against a wall of 30°C temperature and incredibly high humidity.
Here we are!

IMG 0535Final 5D mk2

So after immigration, we took a driver to head down towards Hikkaduwa beach – as it was still dark, we had our first sunrise in Sri Lanka with sea view 🙂
So on the pics you can see around the text, you’ll find our first breakfast location – on the seaside.

IMG 0541Final 5D mk2

IMG 0542Final 5D mk2

IMG 0543Final 5D mk2

IMG 0545Final 5D mk2

The Awanhala Beach Restaurant is a pretty nice place for some food – even if they weren’t prepared for a breakfast, they delivered a healthy, well tasting breakfast.

IMG 0547Final 5D mk2

IMG 0549Final 5D mk2

IMG 0552Final 5D mk2

No people, especially no tourists, no one to share the beach with. Looks ready to lie down and relax…

IMG 0558Final 5D mk2

IMG 0561Final 5D mk2

IMG 0566Final 5D mk2

Also some Mangroves you’ll find here

IMG 0564Final 5D mk2

IMG 0569Final 5D mk2

Pretty nice decoration, partly used some rubbish which came across the sea

IMG 0572Final 5D mk2

IMG 0574Final 5D mk2

Day 1 was a very long day, therefore I will split it into different posts. But as you can imagine, this was only one third of the way we drove to south – update will come soon.

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