Istanbul at Night, Turkey

IMG 3678Final 5D Mk2

Lets start first with the Galata Tower which is very beautiful at night due to the interesting colourful lights at night. It is very busy there, that means to walk up to that tower, you’ll probably wait between 1-3 hours.

IMG 3669Final 5D Mk2

IMG 3668Final 5D Mk2

Nice Kebab store with golden interior, underlining the high standard of this restaurant

IMG 3682Final 5D Mk2

Very crowded shopping streets at Taxim

AD1A1259Final 7D Mk2

Night fishing seems to be a social event here – people meeting close to the bridge, talking, drinking and having fun together – sometimes also fishing…

IMG 3690Final 5D Mk2

AD1A1416Final 7D Mk2

IMG 3454Final 5D Mk2

IMG 3481Final 5D Mk2

IMG 3483Final 5D Mk2

IMG 3485Final 5D Mk2

IMG 3491Final 5D Mk2

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