St. Petersburg Part 2 – nice citys of Russia

IMG 5554Final 5D Mk2

Another lovely day in an awful cold part of Russia. The weather is pretty nice, but as the humidity is so high, the -26°C feel like -40°C… but the sun was shining all the day. So no excuse for not leaving the hotel and experience this city.

IMG 5558Final 5D Mk2

So let’s start in the center of St. Petersburg with the Winter Palace

IMG 5568Final 5D Mk2

The Winter Palace has its own cathedral…

IMG 5577Final 5D Mk2

IMG 5591Final 5D Mk2

Very awesome wooden floor…

IMG 5594Final 5D Mk2

…and even more awesome ceilings

IMG 5595Final 5D Mk2

IMG 5592Final 5D Mk2

IMG 5608Final 5D Mk2

IMG 5615Final 5D Mk2

IMG 5619Final 5D Mk2

IMG 5622Final 5D Mk2

This Palace is really unbelievable beautiful and the condition of the Palace is incredible good.

IMG 5617Final 5D Mk2

Very famous stairs, you might know from TV – Putin is using it quite often for welcome celebrations.

IMG 5630Final 5D Mk2

IMG 5631Final 5D Mk2

On the way to Blood Church you can see another nice building towards your right hand, called the Kazan Cathedral, which is located at the Nevsky Prospect.

IMG 5633Final 5D Mk2

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