Siem Reap and Angkor Wat in Cambodia – Part 4 (Tomb Raider Temple)

AD1A3060Final 7D Mk2

Another very impressive temple inside the Angkor Wat area is the Ta Prohm temple where the Hollywood movie Tomb Raider was produced (at least some scenes). The very interesting part of this temple is the inside area, where trees and walls are combined in a way, that the support each other.

AD1A3056Final 7D Mk2

AD1A3066Final 7D Mk2

IMG 6850Final 5D Mk2

AD1A3081Final 7D Mk2

I have travelled through a lot of countrys, but I haven’t seen anything comparable… really amazing.

AD1A3084Final 7D Mk2

IMG 6860Final 5D Mk2

So 42°C during high noon – less tourists, but incredible warm; heavy backback but shouldn’t be a reason not to see this 🙂

AD1A3087Final 7D Mk2

AD1A3098Final 7D Mk2

IMG 6865Final 5D Mk2

And finally some shots from the next morning during sunrise. It was really worth to get up at 4 am…

AD1A3187Final 7D Mk2 2

AD1A3180Final 7D Mk2

AD1A3165Final 7D Mk2

AD1A3181Final 7D Mk2 2

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