Sihanoukville and Koh Rong – Cambodia Part 7

IMG 7061Final 5D Mk2

The reason why we went down into the south, heading to Sihanoukville, was to get the ferry to Koh Rong. Koh Rong is a small island without any streets, no cars, no motorbikes and only a few wifi spots – and only one guesthouse where you can pay with your credit card – only cash is accepted…

IMG 7059Final 5D Mk2

IMG 6943Final 5D Mk2

IMG 6938Final 5D Mk2

Very nice Monkey Island look…

IMG 6916Final 5D Mk2

AD1A3659Final 7D Mk2

AD1A3647Final 7D Mk2

IMG 6888Final 5D Mk2

IMG 6894Final 5D Mk2

AD1A3625Final 7D Mk2

AD1A3668Final 7D Mk2

A lot of these pretty cool beach bars are all around this sea side.

IMG 7088Final 5D Mk2

Really looks like paradise, very few tourists, cheap prices, no pollution, only beach, clear water and friendly people…

IMG 7108Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7115Final 5D Mk2

IMG 7120Final 5D Mk2

No reason to drive back.

IMG 7113Final 5D Mk2

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