Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia Backpack Travel Part 1

LR 8066

To be honest; it has already been some days ago, but due to some technical issues, I never ever posted some Malaysia pictures… Therefore now it’s time to bring you up to speed and show you some insight views from a very very nice, beautiful and awesome country with a lot of nice people. We travelled through this country with backpack and motorbike – the best way to travel in general in Asia – from south to north and from north to south to get the full experience…


Back in Phnom Penh – Cambodia Part 8

IMG 7271Final 5D Mk2

The last few day, after leaving amazing Koh Rong, we took again the night bus, or called rolling hotel, sleeping bus, VIP bus or something similar which so far from reality, that you think, you took the wrong bus while entering – on the other hand, normally you’re really tired after the day and pretty happy to have at least some space to take a seat or even to lay down… so take a look at these small cabins 🙂