Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia Backpack Travel Part 1

LR 8066

To be honest; it has already been some days ago, but due to some technical issues, I never ever posted some Malaysia pictures… Therefore now it’s time to bring you up to speed and show you some insight views from a very very nice, beautiful and awesome country with a lot of nice people. We travelled through this country with backpack and motorbike – the best way to travel in general in Asia – from south to north and from north to south to get the full experience…

LR 8043

So first night in Kuala Lumpur, first chance to get some local food, always a pleasure to have some street food with some locals 🙂
LR 8037

LR 8036

LR 8035

LR 8049

LR 8044

LR 8051

LR 8061

LR 8056

Another day, another beautiful sunrise, we tried to get some impressions from Malaysia capital, before we took our motorbike into the wild side of Malaysia

LR 8066

LR 8082

LR 8086

LR 8087

LR 8098

LR 8102

LR 8106

LR 8119

Next stop was a bird park – the most famous one in Kuala Lumpur:

LR 8139

LR 8138

LR 8149

LR 8166

LR 8175

LR 8190

And eatin‘ again, again, again…

LR 8246

LR 8241

LR 8240

LR 8249

LR 8257

LR 8266

LR 8270

the next morning we met these trustful guys to get a motorbike to start into north and east to real Malaysia, real nature…

LR 8274

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