Taman Negara National Park, Kuala Tahan and Ipoh – Malaysia Backpack Travel Part 2

LR 8345

So after 2 days in Kuala Lumpur and got a suitable motorbike (suitable actually means that you’ve the trust that it will be in good shape for the next 3.000 km) we started our roadtrip way east to Taman Negara National Park…

LR 8280

A lot of people enjoyed a bath with the elephants.

LR 8303

LR 8298

LR 8310

LR 8340

Endless road through the nature… awesome, beautiful and hot

LR 8338

LR 8348

Another stop on our way to Ipoh, another nice and big city in Malaysia, deep in nature.

LR 8364

LR 8371

LR 8382

LR 8386

LR 8404

Some big ants which are very painful – you shouldn’t try at all

LR 8416

LR 8437

LR 8436

Very interesting graveyards on our way up to Cameron Highlands. Heavy way for the motorbikes as we have plenty of stuff to carry…

LR 8478

LR 8480

LR 8483

Next stop is the Cameron Highland Area. Lots of tea fields, beautiful mountains. Nice guesthouses and very friendly people…

LR 8481

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