Cameron Highlands – Malaysia Backpack Travel Part 3

LR 8515

After having passed through Taman Negara National Park, which I can really recommend, we headed straight up into the mountain area Cameron Highlands. This area is absolutely famous because of its tea fields and the amazing view.

LR 8510

We approached this mountain area from Taman Negara National Park, which is not the easiest or normal way, therefore we passed a lot of small villages which were nice as well and our motorbike had to climb up some really heavy streets to get up to the mountains. Cameron Highlands area is also famous to have the largest amount of Landrover cars there, more than any other country in the world. These cars a pretty old but still working, left over by British empire some years ago.

LR 8497

LR 8536

So here you can see a small selection of some beer cans you can buy there locally. If you look in detail, you’ll find out that you only can buy extra strong beer in this area…

LR 8557

Some dinner at the local restaurant:

LR 8568

LR 8573

LR 8574

And again a pretty old Landrover

LR 8588

LR 8606

LR 8607

These tea fields and green mountains are really enjoyable and some of the best in whole Asia. If you visit Malaysia, you should take the time and visit Cameron Highlands in the middle of the country, take the time for a local tea there.

LR 8625

LR 8631

LR 8639

LR 8642

LR 8652

The next days we went up to the northern part of Malaysia to visit a friend of us in Georgetown. Blog post will follow in the next few days.

LR 8653

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