Cameron Highlands and way to Penang / Butterworth / Georgetown – Malaysia Backpack Travel Part 4

LR 8654

Again an early start from the top of Cameron Highlands. We enjoyed the beautiful view again and went down the mountains back to coast area.

LR 8676

During our way back to the coast area, we stopped at a butterfly park area to see some flowers, animals like scorpions etc. Dinner again at a local restaurant. Malaysian food I can really recommend

LR 8686

LR 8688

LR 8695

LR 8698

LR 8703

LR 8704

LR 8721

LR 8776

This is the bridge to Penang. Penang is a small island with some small citys like Georgetown, pretty nice area and very nice people. We went there to visit a friend of us.

LR 8784

Here a local garage, we were happy not to need it 🙂

LR 8788

LR 8791

LR 8828

LR 8842

LR 8849

Guess, what to see here 🙂
Yes, it’s the local post office 🙂

LR 8486

LR 8864

LR 8883

LR 8888

LR 8877

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