Penang Island – Malaysia Backpack Travel Part 5

LR 8925

Penang is not only Georgetown. It’s not only the east coast. It’s not only tourist citys.
Penang has so many beautiful places, beaches, small towns, coast sides and cultural stuff. So if you ever visit this small island, you need to take a motorbike or a Tuk Tuk to drive to East and South and exlore this island.

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This special fruit is not allowed to bring into hotels, bus, etc cause of its smell 🙂 but very tasty

LR 8991

LR 8992

The way how people live in this area.

LR 9004

Not very far away from here in the south area you’ll find this beautiful temple. It’s worth to step up to the high tower for a wonderful overview.

LR 9007

LR 9024

LR 9019

LR 9030

LR 9040

LR 9043

As this is one of the last days in Malaysia, the next blog post will show our way back to Kuala Lumpur and its beauty. Ok, it’s not such a beautiful city, but not bad at all 🙂

LR 9045

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