Back to Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia Backpack Travel Part 6

LR 9159

After leaving awesome Penang Island and beautiful Georgetown, we took our motorbike, heading down to Kuala Lumpur, passing Ipoh on the left hand side and enjoyed some road at the beach side. On the first pic you see a typical Asian Red Dragon Fruit, very tasty and healthy.

LR 9061

So back in Kuala Lumpur, we made it to the night market (which is there during day time as well…) to buy some weapons etc. just kidding, but actually, you can buy there everything…

LR 9075

During night time we drove up again towards north to join a firefly tour with a boat. Even when you can’t actually see many fireflys in the picture, there were many many fireflys to enjoy…

LR 9114

LR 9113

LR 9121

Again Dragon Fruit, a cocktail 🙂

LR 9124

LR 9127

LR 9128

We were lucky not to need a hospital…

LR 9132

LR 9145

LR 9150

LR 9151

LR 9155

One of the must-have-seen things in Kuala Lumpur is the fresh market. Well, they call it fresh, actually some pieces seem to be fresh, but in total, you enjoy your meal better boiled or well done to be on the safe side 🙂

LR 9170

LR 9178

LR 9181

LR 9188

LR 9190

LR 9191

LR 9192

LR 9195

LR 9194

LR 9200

LR 9201

LR 9221

LR 9223

LR 9228

After that day we went back to the airport to fly back home after so many wonderful days in awesome Malyasia. We will come back for sure 🙂

LR 9218

Ein Gedanke zu “Back to Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia Backpack Travel Part 6

  1. Boh, die Tierköpfe sind schön gewöhnungsbedürftig 😄 . Mir haben schon die Schweinsköpfe gereicht, die ich auf den Märkten gesehen habe 🤣


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