One weekend in Singapore

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During the last time we have been in Asia, we spent a weekend in Singapore. As we already knew, Singapore is a quite interesting big city with a lot of things to explore, so it took us back. And we have taken a funny painted airplane, see below…

LR 9247

So first welcome with a lot of things you’re not allowed to do…

LR 9249

and a lot of rules to follow…

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LR 9298

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There’s a lot to see through the lens, at day and night. If you ever stay here over night, take the chance to visit the night zoo. Here you’ll find a lot of night-active animals and insects. Very interesting…

LR 9319

LR 9322

LR 9323

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LR 9439

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Most of the shopping malls also a very nice decorated to be an eye catcher or at least to feel comfortable. Prices may be very high compared to other citys, on the other hand, you’ll find here most of the fashion stores at one place

LR 9488

LR 9490

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LR 9508

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LR 9522

LR 9530

Will be back in Asia soon, early November. Hopefully also some time to take some pics as well…

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