Namibia and Africa Day 4 – Sossusvlei Dunes

AD1A4738Final 7D Mk2

From Hammerstein Lodge we started at 4:30 AM towards Sossusvlei Dunes to be at the entrance gate as early as they open. Actually we were car no. 11 which ist not so bad at all 🙂

So the gate opened and we drove the 70 km into the Sossusvlei park, passing a lot of very high dunes…

AD1A4724Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4725Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4734Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4737Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4739Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4740Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4745Final 7D Mk2

The key is being here during sunrise as the shadows are gone towards high noon.

AD1A4748Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4741Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4746Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4742Final 7D Mk2

You can see the people walking up the 300 m dunes up to the top:

AD1A4743Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4749Final 7D Mk2

So finally arrived at the back end of the Sossusvlei park where we satrted to climb up the dunes as well.

AD1A4760Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4773Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4776Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4769Final 7D Mk2

The salt lake among the dunes in white – and the blue sky on top – impressive colours…

AD1A4781Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4792Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4787Final 7D Mk2 2

AD1A4787Final 7D Mk2 3

IMG 1830Final 5D Mk3

AD1A4801Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4804Final 7D Mk2

AD1A4809Final 7D Mk2

IMG 1840Final 5D Mk3

IMG 1848Final 5D Mk3

IMG 1851Final 5D Mk3

IMG 1852Final 5D Mk3

A lonely and green tree in the middle of a dry salt lake…

AD1A4822Final 7D Mk2

IMG 1860Final 5D Mk3

IMG 1867Final 5D Mk3

So this visit ended somewhere at 12:00 – so you should spend there at least 4-5 hours to realize the full beauty of this incredible place. If you aren’t in a hurry, take your time and spend 2 days there. It’s worth to do.

IMG 1872Final 5D Mk3

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