Namibia and Africa Day 11 – Etosha Pan and Etosha National Park – Halali

AD1A5215Final 7D Mk2

A hyena passed in front of our car. It looked so calm, I was very close to get off the car. At the end we have seen several of them, but all one by one.

AD1A5214Final 7D Mk2

AD1A5227Final 7D Mk2

We were lucky and did not have a flat tire in this lion area as you really can’t see them – only when it is too late.

AD1A5231Final 7D Mk2

AD1A5242Final 7D Mk2

AD1A5251Final 7D Mk2

A dust devil 🙂

AD1A5248Final 7D Mk2

AD1A5262Final 7D Mk2

AD1A5271Final 7D Mk2

Elephant family crossing the road as we have expected that

AD1A5275Final 7D Mk2

AD1A5294Final 7D Mk2

At the end of day 3 in Etosha National Park, it absolutely makes sense to stay there 3 days in a row but different camps as you need that time if you want to see all the animals. We drove something about 700 km in Etosha, but thats what you need for good shots.

IMG 2449Final 5D Mk3 2

AD1A5299Final 7D Mk2

The next day we drove eastway to Namutoni camp and to the east south exit of the park to reach Grootfontein before sunset.

AD1A5304Final 7D Mk2

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