Burg Guttenberg in Germany / Eagle watching

Guttenberg 5597Final 7D Mk2

After purchasing a new Tamron Supertele lens, I looked for a nice area to find out, if I am going to keep it of it cannot bring the quality shots I am looking for. You can decide on your own, but I let you know, that I decided to keep that adorable lens…

Guttenberg 5666Final 7D Mk2

Guttenberg 5688Final 7D Mk2

The show started with something like a catwalk with all the birds and moved on to an impressive flight show.

Guttenberg 5787Final 7D Mk2

Guttenberg 5808Final 7D Mk2

As you can see a lot of different raptors, most of them are flying during the show and doing some impressive, moves to catch the food.

Guttenberg 5870Final 7D Mk2

Guttenberg 5897Final 7D Mk2

Guttenberg 5729Final 7D Mk2

Guttenberg 5948Final 7D Mk2

Guttenberg 5936Final 7D Mk2

After the show you have the chance to see all the birds and take some pics of them. Very nice location and worth to visit it on a yearly basis. Thumbs up! 🙂

Guttenberg 5957Final 7D Mk2

Guttenberg 6001Final 7D Mk2

Guttenberg 6051Final 7D Mk2

Guttenberg 6004Final 7D Mk2

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