Tam Coc rice fields in Vietnam – a hidden part in Asia

Laos Vietnam 5D 8054 Final

From Hanoi, Tam Coc is not that far away; that means, you can go there by bus, which means a couple of hours one way. And that means, getting up early again…

Laos Vietnam 5D 8044 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8047 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8049 Final

Funny to immolate beer cans 🙂

Laos Vietnam 5D 8050 Final

Security fence…

Laos Vietnam 5D 8059 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8062 Final

Rice fields are so beautiful.

Laos Vietnam 5D 8081 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8076 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8077 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8088 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8083 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8091 Final

We took the bicycle to explore the rice field area. The easiest and best way to get around here.

Laos Vietnam 5D 8097 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8115 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8127 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8131 Final

Laos Vietnam 5D 8136 Final

Time to leave the northern parts of Vietnam. Time to say goodbye to European temperatures. Time to take the train down to the middle of Vietnam, back into the heat of 42°C, driving the train for 17 hours…
Sounds awful, but it was actually a very good experience and the only night we could sleep until 8 o’clock in the morning as all other night ended far more early…

Laos Vietnam 5D 8138 Final

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