Raqchi Temple – Peru -Southamerica Trip

Suedamerika 1511 Final 5DMk3

Raqchi Temple is on the way between Cusco an Bolivia; it is one of the nicest Inka temples in Peru, but in a very hot are – around 42°C…

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When you drive further down to Bolivia ( El Alto, La Paz) you will pass the mountains again and reach again more than 4.000 meters above sea level.

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Suedamerika 1510 Final 5DMk3

Suedamerika 1521 Final 5DMk3

Suedamerika 1525 Final 5DMk3

Suedamerika 1528 Final 5DMk3

A very nice highlight on the way to Bolivia is the crossing of the Titicaca lake with the bus. You will see that in the next blog post.

Suedamerika 1529 Final 5DMk3

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