Titicaca Lake – Bolivia -Southamerica Trip

Suedamerika 1691 Final 5DMk3

Titicaca Lake from the other side – from the Bolivian side; also very impressive and beautiful to see.

Suedamerika 1698 Final 5DMk3

Suedamerika 1706 Final 5DMk3

Suedamerika 1708 Final 5DMk3

Suedamerika 1714 Final 5DMk3

Suedamerika 1728 Final 5DMk3

Quite amazing is the way buses, cars and trucks are going to be transferred from one side to another… some people told us, that sometimes, buses will fall over and go down to the ground; but not that often 😉

Suedamerika 1734 Final 5DMk3

Suedamerika 1746 Final 5DMk3

Suedamerika 1750 Final 5DMk3

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