California, Arizona, Nevada: Grand Canyon, Antelope, Lake Powell and Monument Valley / USA

Let’s share some pics from the eastern part of the journey, the way to Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon…

Sitting here in Cardiff (which is fully crowded by guests for the NATO meeting, reporters, police, people from politics and society, people from television and economics… anyway, found a hotel)

LR 6254

LR 6297

LR 6250

some animals in between (thanks god for 200 mm Tele)

LR 6244

LR 6190

LR 6232

LR 6177

and again endless roads. Next gas station, 260 miles…

LR 6341

But at the end, it was worth to drive so far, the reward looks quite amazing

LR 6397

LR 6377

LR 6392

before we arrive in Las Vegas, we passed Lake Powell with its amazing blue water and incredible rock scenery around the lake

LR 6489

LR 6490

LR 6485

and quite close to Lake Powell, there’s the Antelope Canyon. It is a bit hidden and you’ll need a 4-WD, but it’s worth to have a look. Cause it is not so well known, there not many tourists.

LR 6416

LR 6417

LR 6431

LR 6438

LR 6444

next part: Bryce Canyon and return to Vegas

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