Some days in California: San Francisco, Route 66, Yosemite NP, Los Angeles Universal Studios / USA

LR 6421

We’ve just arrived from Frankfurt to San Francisco. It was a bit a mess with United, many delay this day and the service is bad at all. But finally we reach California and were ready to have a tour through the most foggy city at the US west coast.

LR 5593

LR 5648

After jumping into our small RV, we started the trip towards LA, so into the south, riding the highway no.1

LR 5631

LR 5707

LR 5692

LR 5689

LR 5641

LR 5700

LR 5732

LR 5671

LR 5718

So after passing Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Carmel, Pebble Beach, St Barbara, we finally arrived Los Angeles.

LR 5788

LR 5794

LR 5797

LR 5924

LR 5914

LR 5810

LR 5912

LR 5939

LR 5940

From there we drove strict towards east, passing the Joshua Tree National Park

LR 6039

LR 6034

Between here and Route 66, we overtook a truck with a barking driver

LR 6085

Than a short stop at Gentleman’s club

LR 6087

before we finally drove over Route 66

LR 6138

LR 6097

LR 6127

next part: Up to the canyons

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