Phuket and more of Thailand

IMG 1165Final

Long long flight to Singapur again. This has now become our main entrance gate to the Asian world.

IMG 1059Final

IMG 1061Final

From Singapur airport, 3 Starbucks coffee later, we jumped again into the airplane heading towards Phuket. We arrived quite late at night, but there was still time for a beer, to cool down a bit.

IMG 0045Final

The red light is more pressing as it was at these days… 😉

Then finally woke up in a pretty small but nice hotel

IMG 1082Final

With a breakfast table at the seaside

IMG 1076Final

Finally found a motorbike rental company, hooked the backpack at front and rear and hit the road

IMG 1086Final

Around Phuket area, you’ll find some nice beaches and really friend as well as helpful people

IMG 1104Final

IMG 1111Final

With the motorbike, you’re not alone in the streets

IMG 1113Final

The went to the gym to keep the shape…

IMG 1124Final

and to the marketIMG 1128Final

IMG 1129Final

IMG 1136Final

IMG 1141Final

IMG 1148Final

It seems that the people from Thailand can get their driving licencense quite early

IMG 1154Final

IMG 1158Final

IMG 1162Final

Foot we bought on the street

IMG 0070Final

IMG 0071Final

IMG 0075Final

A common gas station

IMG 0082Final

From this area, we went a bit away from normal tourism areas and found some really nice beaches, as you can see

IMG 1165Final

IMG 1171Final

Who never tried this, you should, but don’t drive a vehicle afterwards…

IMG 1170Final

IMG 1177Final

IMG 1180Final

Next part I’ll share some pics from James Bond Island. Best Regards from lovely Wales.

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