Thailand – James Bond Island

IMG 1243Final

Next part of our trip was the long drive towards the eastern coast. We jumped again on the motorbike and drove a lot of km towards east along the coast side. At some point we decided to stop and look for the James Bond island.

Lucky as we are, we found a guy driving us with his boat towards James Bond Island – and lucky as we are, it was late, no more tourists, therefore incredible pics

IMG 1210Final

IMG 1216Final

IMG 1221Final

IMG 1231Final

IMG 1243Final

IMG 1245Final

IMG 1250Final

IMG 1251Final

IMG 1253Final

IMG 1256Final

IMG 1259Final

And finally found what we were looking for:

IMG 1261Final

IMG 1268Final

I think, everybody remembers this beach:

IMG 1271Final

And now the way back home with the small boat

IMG 1308Final

IMG 1318Final

IMG 1322Final

IMG 1323Final

Lovely dinner, fresh fish, healthy and powerful

IMG 0111Final

Finally, we were lucky, no flat tire until now, but these friendly folks invited us from time to time.

IMG 1325Final

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