Thailand – Railay Beach

IMG 1370Final

Next stop of our Thailand trip was the legendary Railay beach. As you can see, it is one of the most beautiful beaches at all.

You can only access this beach via boat, so take this into account, if you have suitcases instead of a backpack.

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After some sunbathing, we went back to where we startet and drove further down to the ferry to Ko Lanta.

During our drive, we had a flat tire – completely in the jungle. But as friendly as Asians are, some people came out and helped us to fix this issue

IMG 1397Final

IMG 1395Final

IMG 1405Final

Finally we reached the last ferry (actually you have to take 2 ferrys in a row) and came to Ko Lanta

IMG 1408Final

It was quite late now, but we found a hotel and a self-service restaurant with one of the hottest dinners I ever had.

IMG 0144Final

IMG 0145Final

IMG 0146Final

Also here are some beautiful beaches

IMG 1435Final

IMG 1438Final

IMG 1453Final

IMG 1455Final

After few days around the island, we took the boat again to Ko Phi Phi. I’ll share these pics within the next few days.

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