Thailand – Phi Phi Island and Ko Lanta

IMG 1481Final

The next morning whet we woke up after a really hot dinner, it was quite awesome to see, where we arrived yesterday night.

Light blue water, outstanding beaches and friendly people around us: That is Ko Lanta

IMG 1483Final

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20130427 120309Final

Everywhere on the street you can buy these seafood.

IMG 1534Final

IMG 1533Final

After a heavy stormy and shaky boatride in a tiny awful boat, we arrived at Phi Phi Island

IMG 1540Final

IMG 1541Final

20130427 112908Final

20130427 112814Final

This is the beach where scenes of the movie with the same title were made: The Beach with Leonardo Di Caprio.
To be honest, the beach itself was quite awesome, but there were loads of tourists…

IMG 1507Final

After a few days around Ko Lanta, we jumped on the boat again (with backpack and motor bike) and drove back to Phuket

IMG 1469Final

IMG 1509Final

The boat „driver“

IMG 1528Final

IMG 1527Final

IMG 1536Final

IMG 1547Final

Back in Phuket we decided on short notice, now it’s time for one of the nicer hotels…

IMG 1563Final

IMG 1566Final

IMG 0192Final

IMG 0204Final

IMG 1568Final

And finally flew back over Singapur back to Frankfurt

IMG 1589Final

IMG 1577Final

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