Hiking in the Alpes near Riezlern, Austria / Germany

IMG 5949Final

This event is not so far away, this was in August 2014. The original plan was to use the scenery of the Alpes for some night shots during the Perseiden.

IMG 5928Final

IMG 5929Final

IMG 5977Final

As you can see on the pictures above, seeing the Perseiden was really not possible cause of the clouds and the bad weather. Fully motivated as we have been, we gave it a try an packed our backback with a tent and everything you need to survive some nights in the cold mountains. But far away, no chance…

IMG 5983Final

IMG 6000Final

IMG 6048Final

IMG 6066Final

IMG 6106Final

Fully packed backpacks…

IMG 5944Final

IMG 6123Final

Refilling the bottle on a river…

IMG 6155Final

IMG 6196Final

Sometimes the path was quite narrow…

IMG 6258Final

IMG 6278Final

IMG 6279Final

Here you can see the white flowers. Later on you’ll see, that just a few days later, everything is gone and the flowers are readily prepared for winter times

IMG 6300Final

IMG 6309Final

No need to get closer to the edge…

IMG 6341Final

IMG 6361Final

IMG 6391Final

One of the larger mushrooms, this might be one of Mario’s ones

IMG 6429Final

IMG 6456Final

Here you can see the nearly empty backback for the 2nd day, where we already knew, not to stay / sleep on the mountain. Quite a lot stuff to carry…

IMG 6244


Raining and heavy backback with 25 kg. Cameras are immortal…




Wwll, yes, there was some mud…


Lonelyness. Blue in green. awesome feeling. Enjoy the silence.



Mud again


Here we go


Also thanks to Florian Reinhard, a great photographer, for some outstanding shoots and a good run through the mountains.

Next part will follow 🙂

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