Cardiff Downtown and Bay Area Great Britain / UK

IMG 8623Final

When I was last time in Cardiff, I took the chance to take my camera with me and used the evenings for some dark light shots.

These fotos are all from the bay area. This area is quite famous in Cardiff, you’ll find similar fotos in some travel guides.

IMG 8633Final

IMG 8642Final

IMG 8643Final

IMG 8650Final

IMG 8654Final

IMG 8660Final

The next day I used the evening for some night shots in central Cardiff around the Viva Brazil restaurant, some pubs and different hotels.

IMG 8727Final

IMG 8731Final

IMG 8741Final

IMG 8735Final

IMG 8734Final

IMG 8742Final

IMG 8743Final

IMG 8747Final

IMG 8750Final

IMG 8753Final

IMG 8762Final

IMG 8756Final

This is one of my favorite local brands.

IMG 8765Final

IMG 8763Final

and this as well

IMG 8767Final

This was one shot out of the airplane, sun was rising over the horizon.

IMG 8818Final

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