Martinique – French Caribbean – The South and The West France

IMG 4111Final

Travelling from Straßbourg over Paris-Orly to Fort de France, Martinique, you get an amazing view, passing the Caribbean islands.

IMG 4118Final

And you learn the good French kitchen at Air France: Two bottles of wine and a bottle of Rum as well:

IMG 4166

Two backpacks and also some more equipment to carry some lenses and cameras. You never know, if you find a hotel, so be prepared!

IMG 4177

IMG 4146Final

Nice cloudy moon view over Fort de France

IMG 4148Final

The famous Schoelcher library at night

IMG 4162Final

Some colibris during flight

IMG 4208Final

IMG 4221Final

IMG 4234Final

IMG 4241Final

IMG 4246Final

IMG 4252Final

IMG 4263Final

IMG 4261Final

IMG 4273Final

IMG 4288Final

IMG 4289Final

IMG 4284Final

IMG 4266Final

IMG 4226Final

IMG 4295Final

IMG 4296Final

Here we went through the Mangrove tree forest. Not seen any tourists, scaring silence…

IMG 4305Final

IMG 4312Final

IMG 4320Final

IMG 4322Final

IMG 4323Final

20140419 141347

20140419 141341

IMG 4335Final

IMG 4339Final

IMG 4343Final

IMG 4351Final

On the next part of the journey we go on with the North and East part of Martinique, which also have their outstanding areas.

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