Martinique – French Caribbean – The North and The East France

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Although in my opinion, you can find the best beaches in Asia, especially in Thailand, the Caribbean islands have really nice places to be.

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Carib Lager is a smooth one, more like an ale.

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Sunset at the beach, no tourists, just relaxing.

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For one night we stayed at a house in the trees. Not easy to find, cause of poor signs (or no signs) on the street – you’re lucky if you found it, cause it is an amazing feeling to sleep in a tree in the jungle. Very noisy and you’ll need your mosquito net for sure.

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Also very nice from the inside view

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IMG 4460Final

Some guests are already there.

IMG 4494Final

IMG 4472Final

IMG 4500Final

Back in the city Fort de France – busy, noisy, dirty, no place to stay too long…

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Here we were on our way to Mont Pellée, short stop on the road. After a warm welcome, we were invited to join the local folks for a couple of drinks.

IMG 4577Final

And finally, after a long and narrow „road“ we reached the Mont Pellée and started the hiking tour. Raining all the day, it was quite slippery and foggy.

IMG 4609Final

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Back on the coast in the east on our way to find a place to sleep. Actually it is not so easy to find a free hotel – compared to Asia.

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IMG 4658Final

Selfmade ice cream from different Caribbean fruits

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IMG 4706Final

IMG 4718Final

I’ve seen this picture on the internet via Google picture search – and set one my targets to find this place.

IMG 4716Final

IMG 4720Final

IMG 4762Final

IMG 4765Final

IMG 4768Final

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Travelling back to France with Air France was a pleasure. The first flight was 9 hours, the second flight was 1 hour, all in all an outstanding trip.

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