London City at Night / Great Britain / UK

IMG 0167Final

I started to walk around near the Tower bridge, where you have a really outstanding view to two impressive skylines. Cause it was very late, due to poor traffic in this city, there were not so many people on the street.

IMG 0141Final

Harrods building with some nice decoration at night and the Tower Bridge from the street view.

IMG 0152Final

This is also one shot directly into the Tower Bridge, which is at night highlighted with fancy colors.

IMG 0164Final

And here the well known Tower Bridge picture.

IMG 0180Final

Some office buildings south of Tower Bridge. It was around midnight, but people were still working.

IMG 0187Final

Come closer…

IMG 0187Final 2

Thames River from Tower Bridge

IMG 0190Final

IMG 0191Final

IMG 0194Final

IMG 0194Final 2

Loads of red flower at the Tower of London.

IMG 0204Final

IMG 0217Final

IMG 0229Final

IMG 0230Final

IMG 0245Final

Middle of Soho. A very nice and busy area, plenty of pubs and clubs and friendly people as well.

IMG 0254Final

IMG 0257Final

IMG 0261Final

IMG 0265Final

This is the new Terminal 2, „The Queens Terminal“
Longest walkways about 45 min, at 3 o’clock in the morning not very busy. Impressive size, really nice building.

IMG 0270Final

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