Dresden Germany at Night

IMG 0867Final 2

A few weeks ago, I have been in Dresden for some days. I only had the chance, to see it at night, but also at night, it is really amazing.

Dresden has a really cool nightlife, pubs, bars and clubs.

IMG 0857Final

IMG 0855Final

IMG 0850Final

IMG 0873Final

Ayers Rock for example, one of the locations I’ve been quite often.

IMG 0881Final

Awesome nighs along the river

IMG 0900Final

IMG 0926Final

IMG 0940Final

IMG 0947Final

IMG 0957Final

IMG 0965Final

IMG 0581fFinal

The next photo is dedicated to Stefan, who inspired me to take it and change the lenses again, although it was pretty cold at this night.

IMG 0583Final

IMG 0936Final

This is the Semperoper, one of the most famous buildings.

IMG 0966Final

IMG 0963Final

I will be back in Dresden in the next few weeks during the Christmas market – it is really worth to go there.

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