Zillertal Snow Safari in Austria

LR 9814

Snow Safari through some skiing areas in Zillertal. We have been quite a big group and have been there for 2 weeks in total. Although I prefer other areas to ski in the Alpes, the Zillertal area is really famous and alway a fun.

LR 9815

LR 9819

LR 9855

Heavy cold, minus 15 degrees in the village

LR 9890

LR 9888

Night skiing in the Alpes. We were lucky, the moon was shining and we had some torches…

LR 9919

Nice view from the mountain

LR 9929

LR 9931

Frozen water falls along the walkways.

LR 9946

LR 9972

20121219 152732

Always a pleasure, never a pain.

20121219 154844

20121219 162552

20121220 133827

20121220 130022

20121221 130145

And finally a Germknödel, a must-have during skiing.

20121219 143950

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