New York at Day / USA

IMG 2175Final 5D2

Some pictures from a travel to NYC, to spend some days in New York City over New Years eve.

These shots were all take recently in December / January – it was cold but the sky was clear all the time.

Here you can see the squirrels all around the different parks in Manhattan.

IMG 2268Final 7D

IMG 2196Final 5D2

IMG 2309Final 7D

The famous FlatIron Building from front. Down the blog, you’ll see it from the the top as well.

IMG 2202Final 5D2

And a short visit in Chinatown. It is really different compared to the rest of Manhattan.

IMG 2329Final 7D

IMG 2224Final 5D2

IMG 2344Final 7D

IMG 2347Final 7D

Any smokers?

IMG 2359Final 7D

This is the well know Grand Central Station – it was used often in movies as backround scenery.

IMG 2258Final 5D2

Some nice architecture in the very south of Manhattan, Financial district and Wall Street is close.

IMG 2419Final 5D2

IMG 2424Final 5D2

IMG 2434Final 5D2

IMG 2443Final 5D2

This is Ground Zero.

IMG 2446Final 5D2 2

IMG 2454Final 5D2

IMG 2467Final 5D2

IMG 2486Final 5D2

The graveyards close to the Trinity church.

IMG 2500Final 5D2

And here the Trinity church from inside, really beautiful church, always worth to visit.

IMG 2507Final 5D2

IMG 2509Final 5D2

The Wall Street

IMG 2517Final 5D2

IMG 2523Final 5D2

IMG 2533Final 5D2

IMG 2539Final 5D2

You have different options to get close to the Statue of Liberty – the easiest and cheapest is to take the ferry to Staten Island, which is free of charge. You pass the Statue of Liberty quite close, close enough to see it and take a nice photo.

IMG 2416Final 7D

IMG 2423Final 7D

South Manhattan during Sunset

IMG 2575Final 5D2

And here some views from the top of the Empire State Building. They charge you 29 USD and you have to wait up to 5 hours. Or you take the express ticket without any waiting time for 49 USD – you are on the top in max 10 min. But don’t buy any tickets on the street, they are much to expensive, buy it directly at the lobby of the Empire State Building

IMG 2584Final 5D2

IMG 2598Final 5D2

IMG 2480Final 7D

IMG 2603Final 5D2

IMG 2608Final 5D2

IMG 2628Final 5D2

Pretty cool hairdresser in Manhattan

IMG 2693Final 5D2

Madison Square Garden

IMG 2980Final 5D2

The highline park, an old railway track, now usable for pedestrians

IMG 3006Final 5D2

IMG 3029Final 5D2

IMG 3040Final 5D2

IMG 3018Final 5D2

Construction of a new skyscraper

IMG 3026Final 5D2

Nice artwork

IMG 3032Final 5D2

IMG 3038Final 5D2

Central Park – loads of bridges

IMG 3050Final 5D2

IMG 3067Final 5D2

IMG 3083Final 5D2

IMG 3100Final 5D2

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