New York at Night / USA

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New York is pretty cool to see at daytime, but also really incredible at night.

The Times Square for example shows amazing color everywhere you look during night and it is always crowded of people – especially between Christmas and New Years Eve.

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Here some pics from the Rockefeller Center. Unbelieveable how many people want to see the Christmas tree and take a selfie in front of it – it is really a fight to get through the crowd.

IMG 2276Final 5D2

IMG 2274Final 5D2

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Nice view from the Rockefeller Center at night. Tripods are not allowed…

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IMG 2369Final 5D2

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Public Library. Nice to see from inside. Per day the public library is visited by up to 30.000 people

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IMG 2648Final 5D2

Again Rockefeller from far

IMG 2667Final 5D2

IMG 2669Final 5D2

That is really fast Fastfood – the smell is awful and you’ll find these food everywhere in Manhattan.

IMG 2705Final 5D2

Funny as well for German people, are the „real German Pretzel“

IMG 2719Final 5D2

IMG 2717Final 5D2

IMG 2713Final 5D2

Due to New Years Eve, Time Square was secured by NYPD

IMG 2710Final 5D2

IMG 2712Final 5D2

Also very beautiful is window shopping during Christmas time. Some of the windows are prepared within hours and days to create a really nice picture

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As you see the number of toilets, you can imagine how many people are in the Central Park during Silvester. They have also an cover band there and the start of the famous Silvester run at noon starts also in the Central Park.

IMG 2832Final 5D2

And finally, some fireworks

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IMG 2837Final 5D2

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We walked down the Brooklyn Bridge to find a nice photo spot.

IMG 3110Final 5D2

IMG 3113Final 5D2

We found the photo spot close to the river in an urban district called Dumbo

IMG 3172Final 5D2 2

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